"Something Out Of Nothing' (S.O.O.N) drops on September 15th

I made an album called ‘Something Out Of Nothing’. It’s about creation. About making something out of it. Out of what? Well, life, your situation, relationships, your environment, just ‘it’ in general. Whatever it means to you. For me it was putting the pen down on paper. Writing down the thoughts, freeing the feelings, singing the shadows of the walls. Making space to embrace life, personal growth, and finding beauty in simplicity.

 There’s a song about my dad on the album, there’s a song about the state of the world on the album, a song about dancing as a remedy for sorrow, but you know while I was thinking about all this my conclusion was that it’s really not all about that at the end of the day. Because in the end I think it’s about you. And about what you’re going through, and how you’re feeling. And how these songs relate to your world. The listener. I’m interested in that. So you tell me. My hope is that it will affect you in a positive manner. XGK